Recently DeTechSol was approached by a potential customer with a unique problem. They have a packaging machine that produces paper cups, but the machine has become very unreliable, with obsolescent part issues.

The machine takes a roll of cardboard, forms and prints paper cups at a high volume output. The machine comprises several zones, with approximately 95 motors, interfacing to a PLC system.

The machine is critical to production and the company cannot afford extensive downtime to completely retrofit the machine. They have asked DeTechSol to look at a unique solution that would allow the machine to be retrofitted in zones, based on criticality – this would comprise 10 mini-retrofits instead of an exhaustive single major retrofit.


Potential customer has 6 granite cutting machines, for finishing countertops. The machines have old controls, and job setup time is a major hindrance in daily productivity, with multiple setups in one day.

DeTechSol has proposed a complete retrofit with part probing. The raw granite is placed onto the machine, and the machine then automatically probes the granite slab to establish its geometric orientation. Offsets are automatically generated into the machine program, requiring no operator interaction in the setup process, and significantly improving daily throughput.