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Siemens Energy Plant in North Carolina has over 100 CNC machines of varying ages. To ensure the highest level of safety, Siemens has entered into a phased agreement with DeTechSol to implement necessary measures to ensure safe operation; Siemens Safety Organization has conducted an audit of each machine and identified the necessary improvements.

Customer has 4 Electro-Chemical Machines with old power technology that is now obsolete, but mechanically the machines are sound. Due to the adverse acid environment, DeTechSol will provide new power enclosures for these machines, providing switching and control technology for up to 1500amps.

Amtrak has two aging Simmons-Niles Tandem underfloor railway car wheel truing machines that have serious reliability issues when it comes to controls, motors, and drives. DeTechSol will remove the old controls, motors, drives and replace them with the latest Siemens CNC technology, extending the life of these machines for at least another 10 years.