We provide consulting services to small and large Fortune 500 companies.

  • Industrial Engineering/Lean Manufacturing/Value-Stream Mapping
  • Siemens Safety Integrated
  • Engineering New Product Development Process
  • Produce Design & Development
  • Project Management
  • Factory Automation
  • Facilities Layout
  • Aerospace Systems Certification, per ARP4754

Success Story

Customer Problem: As larger companies are becoming more safety aware, they are adopting Siemens Safety Integrated for CNC machine control software. However, there are few people trained in Safety Integrated in the USA. Safety Integrated has been prominent in Europe for several years.

DeTechSol Solution: DeTechSol is currently providing Siemens Safety Integrated programming and testing at Detroit Diesel.

Customer Problem: A Fortune 500 company requires a highly skilled Industrial Engineer to support capacity planning and forecasting, production forecasting and value-stream mapping to identify manufacturing bottlenecks. Furthermore they need guidance on facilities layout to obtain most efficient product, all pertaining to leading-edge product innovations

DeTechSol Solution: Provide a single person to support all these task, working across the world at various customer locations.

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