Custom Solutions

DeTechSol provides customized and specialized equipment where commercially made equipment is not available.

Examples of Custom Equipment:

  • Packaging machine for food industry
  • ID/OD grinding spindles on a KIT60 Slant-bed lathe
  • Wood gluing machine for cabinet making company
  • Various machine fixtures
  • Drilling machine
  • 2-axis compound cross-slide for leading screw machine builder

Success Story

Customer Problem: Their existing drilling machine used obsolete linear motors and an obsolete Burgmaster 6-station drilling turret.

DeTechSol Solution: DeTechSol developed a custom drilling machine. The old machine was completed gutted and rebuilt from the granite base up with leading-edge Siemens motor technology and a 12-station Sauter Turret.

Customer Problem: The customer was having difficulty ensuring a consistent application of glue into the cabinet door grooves (stiles).

DeTechSol Solution: DeTechSol developed a custom gluing machine for a world-renown cabinet maker.

Custom Rotary table-rs18