Probes & Calibration

Job setups for a machine tool impact productivity, with the machine out of production while the operator sets up the new job. Probing solution automate the job setup, reducing downtime and improving process repeatability.

With the advent of lean manufacturing, where several job changes can occur in a single day, setup time reduction is critical to productivity and operating profits.

DeTechSol is one of only ten Renishaw Distributor Integrators (RDIs) in North America.

As an RDI we:

  • Sell Renishaw probing and calibration equipment
  • Sell spare and replacement parts
  • Provide Turnkey probe and laser integration
  • Provide training on all Renishaw products
  • Provide Repair Services and Support
  • Provide Ballbar calibration services
  • Provide laser calibration and certification services

Success Story

Customer Problem: Some of the machines at Synthes were not equipped with tool touch and part probes, an essential in minimizing scrap due to broken tools and reduce setup time.

DeTechSol Solution: DeTechSol implemented 11 Renishaw probing solutions at a Synthes medical devices manufacturing facility so all their machines were equally productive.

Renishaw probe on Gilman Horizontal Boring Mill-rs25