With fewer people choosing a career in manufacturing, automation reduces the need for labor content in a manufacturing process.

DeTechSol provides complete material handling turn-key solutions specializing in  tending machine tools. We also provide upgrades to existing systems, including service, training, and support.

DeTechSol designs and implements complete solutions to meet  customers’ specific productivity needs. We design a manufacturing cell to fit within facility constraints and provide training and support.

We provide Robot Cell Risk assessments per ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 on both new and existing systems. For existing systems, the risk assessment will verify if the system is in compliance, or needs upgrading.

Success Story

Customer Problem: Having trouble finding skilled labor to operate 3 Mazak Horizontal machining centers.

DeTechSol Solution: Implemented a gantry mounted 6kg payload robot that serviced all 3 machines in  a single robotic cell.

Automated Robotic Cell-rs4